What happens when your T-LOCK Gun Lock runs out of battery?

Your gun lock comes with an internal lithium rechargeable battery. It will last approximately 2 months. The front of the alarm has a USB port for charging the battery.

Charging information:

a. When charging it, there is a LED indicator that illuminates blue while being charged.

b. The blue color will disappear when it is in a fully charged state.

c. Once charged, the blue LED light will disappear to achieve power savings.

d. The LED will flash red when battery is less than 25%+/-5%.

e. The LED will illuminate and flash blue if the battery has a problem.

Even if the battery is dead, no one can break into it and get it open unless they have the keys to the lock. It becomes nothing more than a paperweight. We put our lock through a series of durability tests to prove that even if the alarm/battery is dead, it’s still incredibly hard to get into. It is tried and tested so that you can have Peace of Mind having T-LOCK secured over your firearm. (Video of durability tests will be coming soon on our website and YouTube.)

Written by: Dennis H. CEO/Founder T-LOCK, Former Lt, Field Director UCMC with over 40 years of Law Enforcement experience.

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