Arizona does not require that locking devices be included with each firearm sold, although federal law applies.

Arizona also does not require firearm owners to utilize locking devices. However, in order to be listed with Arizona’s child care resource and referral system, an unlicensed child care provider must separately store firearms and ammunition under lock and key or combination lock. State administrative regulations may also govern the storage of firearms in a number of other locations.

Arizona law makes a parent or guardian of a person under age 18 jointly and severally liable for the fine imposed or any civil damages resulting from a minor’s use of a firearm in certain situations. This rule only applies if the minor knowingly and without the company of a proper adult, carried or possessed a firearm on his or her person, within his or her immediate control, or in or on a means of transportation:

  • In any place that is open to the public
  • On any street or highway
  • On any private property except private property owned or leased by the minor or the minor’s parent,
    grandparent or guardian

The parent or guardian is only liable if he or she knew or reasonably should have known that the minor was carrying or possessing the firearm as described above, and he or she made no effort to prevent it.

Written by Dennis H. Former Lt, Field Director UCMC with over 40 years of Law Enforcement experience.

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